D r a g o n O x


And welcome to our home page. First a few FAQ’s:

What does DragonOx mean?

        Simply, it means absolutely nothing, that is in any kind of psuedo cosmic astrological way. When shopping in Chinatown in San Francisco, Terry saw some Chineses astrological figurines and reminded me that she was born during the year of the Dragon. “That certainly explains a great deal”, I joked. She then pointed out that I was born in the year of the Ox, which seemed to make sense as well. Jokingly derogatory insults ensued and the names have stuck.

What can DragonOx do for me?

        Not much. This is just a place for us to show off some photos of our trips to our friends and loved-ones. We also include links to our various interests and hobbies. If you are interested in knowing more about us, explore the site. If not, there’s always the “back” button.

Clockwise from left: Allen & Terry in Puerto Vallarta; Terry on the Panama Canal; Allen demonstrates that he can clean up well; Cascy & Chloe the extremely neurotic Wonder Pups.

Welcome to our world...